There are three basic ways to reduce nasolabial folds

Published: 12th April 2011
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Nasolabial folds, sometimes referred to as "parentheses" is a term used in the folds of skin that one sees running from the nasal half of each side of the mouth corners. Usually just mild depression or no lines in the young age of 25, she begins to feel his presence with age. With age and gravity effects, the cheek pads on both sides tend to become heavier and more and drag down from generation to try to reach the mouth, so to speak, but the deeper nasolabial folds and obvious results, evidence that a person is aging, and therefore the person feel and look their age, or even worse, older than he really is. From the depth of wrinkles are accentuated by smiling and grinning.

Look at yourself in the mirror, who do not lie. Concentrate on your nasolabial folds. Are they deep? Put your fingers into the sides of your cheeks and gently pull back a little and spread your cheeks up separately. In this way, you open up the nasolabial folds. Please note that as you look 10 years younger immediately. Men and women from time immemorial, have tried everything, look younger than they really are, trying to recapture youth that faded away a bit too fast.

There are three basic ways to reduce nasolabial folds. The first two are a bit more traumatic and a much older person. These are facelifts and thread lifts, designed to deal with gravity, pulling the skin of your cheeks back.

Third, the easier and more acceptable way is to use cosmetic fillers, and nasolabial folds is ideal filler is Juvaderm. Juvaderm (better known as Juvederm) are cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel filler, biosysthesised completely safe compound that has changed with the last cross-connection of up to one year in humans after injection. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance is measured in terms of the dermis layer of the skin matrix, and is able to absorb water, adding to the volume of natural leather. Juvaderm hypo-allergenic reactions due to its nature, hyaluronic acid, and no foreign substance.

Juvaderm injection is normally done with lunch order of a local anesthetic, or the application of anesthetic creams or local injection of Xylocaine near regions of sensory nerves. Juvaderm of cosmetic filler injection procedure is quite skilled hands quickly, usually taking less than 10 minutes with a direct injection into the skin layer Juvaderm skin more smooth and continuous lines to be filled up immediately from the corner along the ridge until it ends before the nose of the corner of the mouth.

Juvaderm after injection, the needle is withdrawn and the result is a form of satisfaction that the pressure on the gel is injected Juvaderm fingers. Injected Juvaderm stays where it is the casting. Follow-up visit to the doctor normally offered within one week to re-evaluate and if necessary to fill Juvaderm remedy any remaining weaknesses. Juvaderm still add up to one year, by which time the matter has been fully absorbed and the nasolabial fold is duplicated. Usually the patient will be so pleased with the outcome (remember that this is 10 years old, taken from their age!) That should not be repeated injection Juvaderm hesitation!

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