Keep all treated areas covered with Aquaphor ointment regularly.

Published: 31st May 2011
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Pavement damaged and wrinkled skin laser is very effective way to create a smoother skin with a better texture. Since the laying of the laser is really strong and burn it on the face of significant maintenance and little heavy. It is worth noting, a bit psychologically disturbing, as you can see my face during the first week after treatment. Care is needed depends on the degree of laser-laying depth. In general, if the procedure was performed when operating under anesthesia in the form then it is likely that the laser DEEP making and the list of instructions to apply. In office-based laser-laying, it is either a light or medium depth levels and the treatment is much faster and without the extensive care needs.

1) Keep all treated areas covered with Aquaphor ointment regularly. Clean the wound gently Cetaphil face with soap and cold water every six hours or so, the first two days and then twice daily thereafter.

2) Aquaphor ointment should be applied liberally to keep treated areas moist. T he formation of scabs is not desirable. If they appear, this is because either there is not enough oil is used or is not applied often enough. If the scabs seem to rub, to choose, or rub off any of them.

3) drink more fluids, the better your skin will heal. Try to drink 80-10 ounces of fluid every two to three hours during the first week after surgery.

4) You should continue to take oral antibiotics (eg, Kelfex) within 7 days after surgery.

5) If the area around the mouth have been treated, you should continue to antiviral drugs (eg, acyvlovir) 5 days after surgery.

6) Take the pain pills (eg, Vicodin), as indicated.

7) You may experience mild itching 3-7 days after surgery. Ice packs applied gently on the treated areas during the first day or two after surgery will reduce the most itchy. For more severe itching, you can try over-the-counter Benadryl 30 mg every six hours. (This will make you drowsy, so no driving)

8) When the skin has healed (7-8 days), apply your normal moisturizer liberally to the treated areas for the next few weeks to keep it from getting dry.

9) No make-up to 7-10 days after surgery. Mineral-based foundation is recommened and conceal redness and skin sensitivity during the first month.

10) Avoid direct sunlight during the first month after surgery. The skin is very sensitive during this early stage of treatment. After the first week after surgery, wear sunprotection (SPF 30 or higher) for the next three months, when exposed to sunlight.

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