Botox can also be strategically placed to shape your eyebrows eyebrow region.

Published: 06th May 2011
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Facial Botox injections are the most common cosmetic procedure done in the United States, but also the most misunderstood. Most patients think of Botox injections for the first time to express fears that their face will be paralyzed and glassy. They do not want to look like "Stepford Wife". I always reassure my patients that it really is not. Botox is not to be a great way to reduce facial wrinkles and large facial provides a more rested, youthful appearance, while retaining both its natural appearance and ability to express themselves. We may also use Botox to shape your eyebrows, lift the corners of the mouth, lips and improve your appearance.

Botox Cosmetic is a purified and diluted form of botulism toxin. However, the doses are so minuscule, that should not ever having any impact elsewhere in the body in fear. Botox should be seen as a natural muscle relaxant. This is a very safe and reliable procedure.
Botox is usually used to relax major muscle groups of the forehead and eye areas. The end effect is to minimize the frown lines between the eyes, forehead lines, surprise, and the crow feet lines around the eyes. With time, these lines can become permanently ingrained into the skin. Regular use of Botox in your skin smooth these areas. If those lines are starting to develop, regular use of Botox can significantly reduce their appearance.

Botox can also be strategically placed to shape your eyebrows eyebrow region. Using this technique, the eyebrows can be bent, burnt or removed. In addition, some people eyebrow asymmetry - one side, for example, will naturally more bent than the other side. Botox can be used to "equalize" the eyebrows and restore symmetry.

Botox has been traditionally used for the upper surface, but now we use it on the underside of the face as well. Botox can be injected around the mouth to increase your poutiness (it will also decrease the lines to form above the lips). We can inject Botox under the mouth to lift sagging corners. We can inject Botox in the chin to minimize the "bumpiness". We can inject Botox in the nose to get rid of "bunny wrinkles. And we can inject Botox into the neck to reduce the "rope" that can come with age. You can see that the cosmetic Botox injections have become very versatile.

Botox is injected using a very small needle, and only a small amount of fluid injected with each shot. Discomfort, and minimal. Botox should last anywhere from 3-4 months if done correctly. I think most people who try Botox love so much that it becomes a regular four-month event for them.

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