All plastic Surgeons are Not Equals

Published: 23rd September 2011
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Jerk doctor # 1. One plastic surgeon in my hospital gown and examined me from head to toe. With his nurse, he took pictures. Then, when I was dressed and sitting in front of him, he asked what I was there. When I said that I hope he has a few suggestions, he said: "Well, it depends on how much you're willing to spend to change their broadcasts." What is it? Thank you You very much for the $ 50.00 an insult to a doctor. I left and cried the whole way home. I guess, wrinkles are considered to be kinky?

Jerk doctor # 2. Several birthdays and a lot of wrinkles later, I'm still looking. In an interview I've had with a nurse who worked at a dermatologist, she mentioned a plastic surgeon in Orange County California. His advice, which was very unattractive office unfriendly staff was fast and expensive. $ 100.00 consultation fee, he told me that I need a lot of work. "His fee will be about $ 15,000.00. What is it?

After two years, another opportunity arose when my son made the decision that the laser skin Resurfacing work done. He played his homework, participate in online research, which was his local plastic surgeon. I came along and really liked the doctor. Not only do I as a physician, I wanted to take it. He was a very young looking, but he had credentials, he was board certified plastic surgeon, and he owns his laser, which shows that he is busy and has experience.

I felt comfortable talking to him. He was very friendly and actually talked to a person - not mutant strain. The only problem was that I had to make my appointment for plastic surgery be done within a few months. But good things come to those who wait.

For several months, I was the operating room, and the last thing that I remember, it was apparent doctor on my eyelids drawing pen. He turned away and then a needle in his hand, he gently lifted up my hand, smiled at me and said: "All your troubles are over now." And they were.

So what is the real difference between good and bad plastic surgery? Costs? Reputation? Personality? After surgery, I had plenty of time to think, but I care and I thought "What would have been like if I went to the doctor?" Sometimes the most expensive is not always the best. Personally, I wanted something that made me feel comfortable and talked to me like Man. Second doctor, I just looked up and down, and I can tell, it looks to me like mechanic look at the car, seeing all my imperfections and gives me a huge bill to establish Every Little Thing. I just wanted to share my story so that people know that they have options. Do not despair, because one surgeon jerk. Shop around and meet a few like you to someone else.
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